About Jimmy Jet



Jimmy 'Jet' Neilson

World Class Jet Car racer - winner of 4 world records. Professional race car driver since 1982. Born in Southern California, raised in Hawaii.


Jimmy Jet designed and built the JET LIMO in 1990.


Jimmy did the DESERT INN FREEWAY OPENING in 1997 around the corner and through the tunnel on the LAS VEGAS STRIP at 266 MPH "AROUND THE CORNER," Which has never been done in a jet car before or to this day.


Jimmy went 380 MPH in 1998 and opened up the I-215 in Las Vegas.


Jimmy opened up the I-215 at 391 MPH — A NEW WORLD RECORD (Jimmy still holds this record 24 years later).

Jimmy Jet Neilson has run his jet cars worldwide: Japan (twice), Germany, South America, Central America, and Puetro Rico.

Jim still holds the World Record for rubber tires on the pavement at 404 MPH, for the World's Fastest Limo, and the Mercede's Jet Limo at 391 MPH on the freeway in Las Vegas.